Vendors say: “We have Sold Houses Through Various Agents and Have Never Been this Satisfied”

75 Thorburn St, BELL PARK
75 Thorburn St, BELL PARK
Read the story of this extremely satisfied vendor…yet another example of Prime people, Prime service, Prime results!
“Both I and Janos would like to thank you for the hard work you have done and professionalism you have shown towards us in our dealing to date.
We have been extremely happy with your dedication as our agent which has made the sale of our house a lot more enjoyable than it could have been.
Over the years we have sold 5 houses through various agents and have never been this satisfied.
The speed that you sold our house was astonishing and the price we got for our house was above and beyond what we expected.
Any time we have needed you, if you were unable to see us the same day you would be around the next day first thing in morning.
All we can say is that you are a GREAT AGENT not only to sell with but also to buy with.
I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommended you to anyone.
Thank you so much.
Bozica and Janos”

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