Terms of Use

Prime Real Estate (Victoria) PTY LTD is concerned about your privacy and is committed to ensuring that any personal information collected is used only for the purpose for which it was collected. The procedures that we have put in place have been done so to provide for the protection of your privacy as required under Australian Privacy Laws.
Our web site privacy policy deals only with personal information collected by this site or with privacy issues relating to this site. Your information will be passed on to staff within our office who have the potential to fulfil your requirements when you register your requirements. Similarly, when you respond to an advertised property, your personal information may be collected by the listing agent.
Personal information is collected from our web site and electronically stored when you register your requirements or when you respond to an individual property advertisement. In each case, your name, email address and contact phone number is collected and when you “Register Your Requirements” the details and features of the type of property that you are interested in buying or renting are also collected.
Property fact sheets for any listing that matches your requirements will be capable of being emailed to you. Each of these fact sheets will contain a link which will enable you to “un-subscribe” your registration. We utilise technology which enables us to monitor the effectiveness of our email distribution (eg Fact Sheets, Newsletters). As such, we are able to collect and track the IP (Internet Protocol) address of people who open this email together with the date and time that it was read. This information is only gathered to provide us with feedback on the effectiveness of our emails and email marketing campaigns.
Prime Real Estate (Victoria) PTY LTD will not give personal information to any third parties, excepting where we are required to do so by law (or for the purpose of law enforcement) or where a threat exists to safety or health. Furthermore, we endeavour to ensure that all personal information held on the servers of the host of our web site is not capable of being accessed by unauthorised persons, altered or lost.
At any time, you have the right to enquire as to your personal information that is being held or you may wish to correct any personal information that is being held. In either case, you should contact Prime Real Estate (Victoria) PTY LTD via the contact details located on our web site http://www.primere.com.au.
Finally, you should note that by using this site, registering your requirements on that site or requesting further information on a particular property, you are consenting to the collection and storage, and use (and where required to fulfil your requirements, disclosure) of your personal information. However, at all times, we will endeavour to handle your information in a sensitive manner in accordance with National Privacy Principles.
Date: October 2007