Latest Sales Results – The Strongest Result in Over Two Years

An article from REIV shows the strongest Auction results in Melbourne in over two years! The results ranged from the most affordable apartment which sold for $246,000 to the most expensive house which sold for a cool $5,155,000:

A clearance rate of 73 per cent was recorded this weekend compared to 70 per cent last weekend and 57 per cent this weekend last year.

This is the strongest result in over two years.

There can be no doubt the improving trend that started last year has continued this year and it reflects improved consumer confidence. There were 903 auctions reported to the REIV today, with 657 selling and 246 being passed in, 145 of those on a vendor bid.

Next weekend the REIV expects around 970 auctions.

Enzo Raimondo

For full article visit here.

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