Ending Your Tenancy

A tenancy can only end when one of the parties to the Tenancy Agreement gives notice to the other party as explicitly defined by the The Residential Tenancies Act, 1997.

If a tenant wishes to vacate the property at the end of their Agreement, a tenant must give twenty-eight (28) days’ notice in writing prior to the expiration date of their tenancy agreement.

If a tenant wishes to vacate during their fixed term Agreement, they will be breaking the contract they have entered into, and will be responsible for reimbursing the Landlord for any loss suffered, e.g. rent until the property is again tenanted, plus the Landlords normal costs in releasing such as advertising costs.

Click the link below to download a Notice of Intention to Vacate Form which can be emailed, faxed, posted or dropped in to our office.

Prime Tenant Notice to Vacate